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DLM 2023 Preliminary rules

The DLM will be following the current base model rules of the New York State Super Stock Series for the 2023 event.

*** If your car does not comply with the base rule set, please call  the promoter for further rule assistance. If a competitor attends the DLM without any prior notice that does not comply with the rules, they will receive a mandatory sever weight penalty ***

All rules are stated in the link above  with the additions of.

Max spoiler height 6"

Will allow the "ROC' super stock dart head 

Cylinder heads must be OEM production or World Products S/R # 42660 or # 42670. Chevrolet
OEM #10239906 & #12558062 Vortec Heads allowed. No boss Ford or Chrysler Hemi or Pontiac ram air
heads allowed. Chevrolet Bow tie & Vortec Bowtie heads Not Allowed. 2.02 maximum intake valve and
1.6 maximum exhaust valves allowed. Cylinder heads cannot have any port work done. No Titanium
parts allowed anywhere on the engine. No crossbreeding of manufacturers’ parts allowed. Cast Iron
heads only. ********* Only magnetic steel lifters or stock diameter********

Shock  claimer rule $900 (only available to the top 10 finishers). Only the competing car in the position behind the car ahead can claim the shocks (example 2nd can claim 1st, 3rd can claim 2nd, 4th can claim 3rd and 5th can claim 4th. Ends there)

Tires Hoosier 1070s. One new right side tire to be bought from oswego speedway, mounted and raced the day of event on 9/1 ,  Used tires  from your personal inventory will be allowed.

Tires that will not be accepted as followed. stickered tires , tires with long gated molding  hairs and tires with the factory  chalk mark size

If the above said series makes a change that we feel significantly impacts the exceptions, we will release an official notice no later than 8/1/2023. After 8/1/2023 the rules will be locked in. 

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