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New York State Compact Championship Rules 



Tires and wheels

- Hoosiers 850, 790 and 795 allowed.  200 tread wear DOT tires minimum 50 series ( must run same size tire and wheel on all four sides) , No tires will be sold at the track

-Wheels- racing wheels are encouraged

-Equal offsets

-7 inch max rim width

-no excessive wheel/ tire protrusion of fenders tech will have final say rule of thumb 2 inches




-natural aspirated 

-Four cylinder



-ANY SOHC Minimum weight 1800 lbs

-DOHC add 200lbs (2000)

-VVT/Vtec or any form of variable cam or valve timing add 200lbs (2200)

- ** All K-Series engines 2775lbs and same size tires to be run on all 4 sides of the car for the event **

- ** All H22 series engine 2775lbs and same size tires to be run on all 4 sides of the car for the event **




-Stock mounting locations 




-All track safety rules apply

-Head and neck restraint  mandatory  

-Seats - Head supports and rib supports mandatory  ( full containment seat strongly recommended)

-Window net required

-Tech inspector final say in all safety decisions 


Driver Age:

·Regardless of home track rules on driver age allowance, the youngest a driver can be is 14 years old by May 28th [born on or before 5/28/2007].

·Appropriate documentation and parental or guardian authorization will comply with Oswego Speedway protocol and their Insurance carrier.


***We are trying include as many cars from multiple tracks as possible with a streamlined rule set . The goal is to have actual items that can be inspected not a set of rules that will never be  looked at. ***

**** We strictly follow the oswego speedway code of conduct before, during and after this event. all teams are subject to these rules and additional rules****

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