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XMR will be following the 2023 “ ROC Sportsman modified series” rules

Rules information can be found in the link below.


With the exception of the following rules


Minimum age 14 yrs old


Fuel 110 purple

4:86 gear rule

No step Transmissions


Crate motor option will follow the Evergreen Raceway 602 crate rules. Rules package and information below

Crate Motor Gear 4:47

Crate car weight 2575

Crate motor teams that run a non munci must add 50lbs to the right side

tires Hoosier 1070s only , Mandatory 2 new right side tires to be bought the day of the race from oswego speedway. All other tires will come from your personal allotment.

all tires will be marked in the lineup shoot prior to your heat (your two oswego control tires must be on the right side of the car). these will be the tires you will be racing on for the rest of the night


 If the above said tracks or series makes a change that we feel significantly impacts the exceptions, we will release an official notice no later than 8/1/2023. After 8/1/2023 the rules will be locked in.


****** XMR Tech reserves the right to hand out penalties to competitors not in compliance with the posted or linked rules prior, during and after race******

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